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Tiffany G.

Morinville, Alberta

My friend had referred me to Dayna as she was taking a class for fertility. My husband and I where trying to get pregnant and we did, but we had a miscarriage. We had tried for about 6 months, then I tried acupuncture. I stopped with acupuncture as I found out I was pregnant, but sadly that was when we had the miscarriage. When I started my treatments with Dayna I was little worried as we just had a miscarriage and I was unsure of what she did, but I gave her a chance! Loved her -she did an amazing thing! We talked about why I came to her so she could help with my fertility. We talked lots about it. A couple of weeks had gone by and I had noticed some changes in my periods cycle which was great! She keeps doing her treatment with me and by the time my next cycle came, I could really tell when I was fertile by the end of that cycle- I wasn’t too sure if I was pregnant yet since my period was super light and not heavy like normal, but I did have my period. When my next period should have started- it never did! So my husband and I waited until the next cycle just to make sure that I didn’t just miss my period.  I finally took a test and we were 6 weeks pregnant!! We now have a healthy 5 month old baby girl!

With the help of Dayna and her magical hands she took the stress away from us trying so hard! She helped me recover mentally from my miscarriage, plus she helped me get pregnant and made the stress of it all go away!

I would recommend her to someone that needs help.


Sue V.

St.Albert, Alberta

I have been going for reflexology treatments for a few years now and they have made such a difference.  So thankful for Dayna and her skill set.  She is amazing.  Before my last visit I had some very painful hip and low back pain as well as struggles with insomnia.  The next morning- I had actually slept through the night (though I was still a bit tired- but I actually slept!)  And my low back was pain free.  There is always a break- through in my physical, emotional or spiritual health every time I go for a tune-up.  Healing is a journey and I am so glad that I tried reflexology that first time (even when I was a bit skeptical!)  If you are in doubt, take a step of faith and try it out.  It's amazing how our bodies will tell us what we need.   

Mike F.

Edmonton, Alberta

"I have never used reflexology before, so went into this wide-eyed.  Dayna is amazing.  I have gone almost a dozen times now, and feel so good after every treatment.  Everyone should spoil themselves and get the reflexology done... You'll feel fantastic and wonder why you didn't do this before....

Monica S.

Edmonton, Alberta

I have been seeing Dayna every few months for Reflexology sessions and I have found the sessions to be very relaxing and calming, especially if I have had a hectic schedule! I had a lot of stiffness and discomfort in my toes and legs, and the treatments have resolved this issue for me. Dayna is very knowledgeable and is easy to talk to. I always look forward to these sessions as I know that even if I feel tired or not well, that after the session I will feel more relaxed and focused. Thank you, Dayna

Evan H.

St.Albert, Alberta

I recently had my first session with Dayna. I don't think I've felt that relaxed in years. She takes a very comprehensive approach to what she does by giving feedback after the session on how your body responds and what she noticed during the massage. She spoke about how I have issues with my right shoulder and upper spine without even touching them, I didn't even tell her about that. It's like acupuncture, but without the needles. She's able to read the body and address specific issues that she notices. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it has a lot of different applications ranging from anxiety, depression, tenseness, muscle issues, joint issues etc... It was suggested to me by a family member, and I'm glad I went. Prices are reasonable and proportionate to what you get out of it.

Irma S.

Edmonton, Alberta

"I have been a Certified Reflexologist and Holistic practitioner for almost 12 years. I have been seeing Dayna for Reflexology and most recently Raindrop Therapy and have to say she is amazing.  


I have to admit I never really thought about Raindrop Treatment as an effective way to relieve pain or anything else for that matter. But I was astounded, not just amazed, but astounded by the results.  


I had been experiencing a back issue that came from an accident long ago that, on occasion, flares up if I neglect to manage it. In all honesty, I thought Raindrop would be very relaxing at the most, but at the end of the treatment I was pain free, I mean completely pain free!!!


I would have never thought this possible with this treatment especially when I'm used to massage therapy and chiropractic treatments.


I was pain free for a week and the second time even longer as I am currently feeling very good!


Dayna and her Reflexology/ Raindrop Therapy is simply amazing and I'm so glad to be receiving these treatments from her. This is saying a lot coming from a fellow practitioner."

Kaleen O.

Edmonton, Alberta

“Before being referred to Dayna, I had chronic neck, hip, and lower back pain, resulting in a multitude of other issues and pain.


I had regularly gone to an experienced RMT, who was able to provide temporary relief but there was no permanent fix.  A colleague told me about how Dayna had been able to help her, and thought I should give her a try.


I am so glad I did! Not only did Dayna help to permanently alleviate the pain in my neck, hips and lower back, she has also made me feel better than I thought I ever could!


I’m still going to my RMT on a regular basis, and she also couldn’t believe what an impact reflexology had on me – she has even started to come see Dayna herself.


I am so grateful for everything Dayna has done for me. I honestly didn’t think I would ever feel like this. Thank you!”

Chris L.

Edmonton, Alberta

"I'd describe my appointment as... blissful!! Dayna is a true healer, kind, caring and very skilled."


Edmonton, Alberta

"I am one of Dayna's regular clients, and can truly attest to the health benefits of my Reflexology/Reiki sessions. 


Reflexology/Reiki helps me deal with stress and brings my body to a relaxed, balanced state of being. 


My sessions have definitely helped with everything from regularity to the alleviation of allergy symptoms, and Dayna's calm, intuitive manner helps to make every session a great healing experience. 


One recent, and completely unexpected, benefit I experienced involved the purchase of new glasses. On the day of one of my sessions, I also got my first pair of glasses with progressive lenses.  I had never had progressives before, and spent the day with blurry vision, and was not used to having to look at my lenses through different angles so I could see long distance, or read fine print. 


After my Reflexology/Reiki treatment, my eyes completely and instantly adjusted to the lenses, and I have had no issues with the lenses since! 


There is no doubt in my mind that the treatment I had somehow helped my eyes deal with the new lenses, and I am very grateful to Dayna for helping me out in that regard. Thanks for everything, Dayna!"

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